When you have connected Elements space with your Salesforce Org and you have completed the sync, you can get a view of the analytics for your Salesforce Org. This covers the core platform and any managed packages you have chosen to be synced.

Open your Salesforce Org Model, select the top level node, and click "Salesforce Org Analytics" in the right panel.

The analytics page will open in a new browser window.

Use the outline on the left side of the screen to quickly navigate between different charts. The currently displayed chart and section of the analytics to which it belongs will be highlighted in blue.

Salesforce Org Analytics displays the following data (click to learn more):

You can also export your analytics into a single PDF file to share with your coworkers. Click on button "Export to PDF" in the top panel. When the PDF has finished generating (the time to generate the file is dependent on the size of your Org) you will be able to download it from the notifications icon.

If you have ideas of other valuable insights or analytics that we need to provide for your Salesforce Org then please let us know using the chat icon in the app, or email success@elements.cloud.

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