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The application sends emails as part of the workflow it supports. These emails include registration verification, password reset as well as invitations to share content, join a new space or distribution of change log updated as examples.

Elements sends these emails either on behalf of the user making the action the action or from Elements. Elements needs to set a number of the header fields. Specifically the

  • to:

  • from:

  • reply-to:

  • mailed-by

When Elements is mailing on behalf of a user, for example when that user is inviting another user to a new space the from: and reply-to: fields are set to the user’s email address which they login with.

When the email is from the Elements system, for example a password reset the from: and reply-to: are set to

As required by major email providers such as Google and Yahoo, Elements also sets the mailed-by: field. This ensures that Elements conform to anti-spam requirements. The mailed-by field is set to a domain specific to the AWS data center region. Currently these are either or As additional data center regions are supported by elements additional domains will be added to the list.

White Listing

If your policy is to whitelist email domains please ensure that the following domains are whitelisted


  • (if running in the EU region)

  • (if running in the US region)

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