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Setting Up Corporate Management for Consultants
Written by Brooke Mohnkern
Updated over a week ago

The Corporate Management module for is an essential tool for Consulting firms wishing to more efficiently manage many clients, consultants, spaces and sub contractors.

It centralizes control of the platform to delegated administrators allowing a company to more efficiently manage spaces, "Consulting" user licenses, content ownership and access when more sophisticated governance is needed.

It is a free, but optional, add-on component, for "Consulting" clients. As a general rule you will want to enable and use Corporate Management when you have more than one Consulting license.

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  • Prerequisites

  • Overview

  • Accessing and Setting up Corporate Management

  • Administering Adding admins

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  • Your company needs more than one Consulting License.

    • It is included at no additional charge purchasing multiple consulting licenses

  • Your company will need a corporate domain which will need to be registered with as part of the setup process performed by

  • If you wish to add multiple (sub)domains you will need to provide us with the domains and coordinate the simple steps for verification.

  • All Corporate Management users will need an email address associated with one of your configured corporate domains and have registered for a free account prior to their promotion to Corporate Admin.


Corporate Management gives you tools for easier management of you users and spaces in your organization's domains. You can read more about the specific features provided here.

As part of the setup process, will provision one user, nominated by your firm, to be the first Corporate Management admin. Once enabled, that user can enable additional admins. (While one is the minimum we highly recommend you nominate multiple additional admins and then maintain a steady membership of active admins as people's roles change.)

The following text describes how to manage domains and Corporate Management admins using the Corporate Management module. If you are unsure if you have Corporate Management or unable to see the settings highlighted below and would like to discuss the matter with us, please contact

Accessing Corporate Management

To access the Corporate Management feature log in to your account and then locate and press the gear icon in the upper right portion of your screen.

As shown below, select the gear icon and then select "Corporate settings".

Adding Admins

As a Corporate Management Admin you can provision additional admin users provided they have an email address on one of your registered domains. The minimum number of admins is one but we recommend you nominate more and maintain a health pool of assigned and active admins at all times.

Note: There is no limit to the number of admins you can delegate from your domain, however you will benefit from a carefully chosen group.

To add a new Corporate Management admin-- from within the Corporate Management app, click on the "Admins" icon in the left global navigation menu and then press "Add Admin" in the upper right corner.

In the dialog box, start typing the name or email address of the user, optionally add a Message which will be included in an email notification sent to the nominee when you press "Add".

Upon pressing "ADD" the system will send an email notification inviting them of their new permissions. However, they do not need to take any additional action, permission has been granted.

NOTE: If your nominee has not already registered for a free account using an email address associated with a domain linked to your company's Corporate Management account you won't be able to press "ADD". If this is the case, as your next step please direct your nominee to register for a free account from here: Once the registration step is complete you can proceed with adding the user.

Finally, at this point you may wish to coordinate with them on their role as an admin.

Disabling a Corporate Management Admin:

Occasionally you'll need to disable a Corporate Management admin.

Note: You must have a minimum of one active Corporate Management admin and it is best to have multiple.

Disable an Admin Steps:

As a Corporate Management admin, from within the Corporate Management app navigate to the Users icon in the left global navigation menu.

Locate and select the name of the Admin you wish to disable.

Press the "Remove Admin" red colored button on the right side of the screen.

Follow the prompts to completion.

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