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Transfer ownership of a Consulting Space to a client
Transfer ownership of a Consulting Space to a client

How to assign ownership of a Consulting space to a client

Written by Brooke Mohnkern
Updated over a week ago

When a member of your consulting team creates a new space on behalf of a client, that space is automatically registered to your Elements account and governed by your Corporate Administration policies. You may encounter situations when you need to re-assign one or more spaces to another domain; an example being when your consulting client wishes to take ownership of space your team created for them.

The process is simple and despite the change in ownership your consulting teams can retain access to the space to continue their work.


  • Corporate Administration is setup for your corporation

  • You are a licensed Corporate Administrator

  • The intended new corporate owner of the space is a licensed entity (either Consulting or Enterprise)

  • A user representing the new owner entity is a member of the space and has been assigned a role of "Space Admin"


From your account: Navigate to Corporate Management by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen and selecting "Corporate Settings"

In the Corporate Management Utility select the "Spaces" icon from the left navigation menu and then in the list of spaces select the Space you will be transferring.

Click on the Sharing Icon in the right menu bar and verify a representative of the recipient org is both represented in the list of users and is also listed as a "Space Admin"

If a representative is not listed follow steps for adding a new user as a Space Admin listed below.

Otherwise: Press the "i" icon in the right sidebar menu and press the "Update" link to the right of the "Domain" field.

Select the recipient domain from the popup window that appears:

Press "Confirm"

Note the newly updated Domain entry on the right sidebar.

Note that the Space you transferred no longer appears in your list of Spaces in Corporate management.

Note: Any users from your organization who had access and roles within the space retain the same level of access however, the Corporate Admins associated with the newly assigned domain and/or Space Admins assigned to the space can change your user's access at any time.

Every Space you create has a domain associated with it based on the email domain of your user account.

Steps for inviting a user as Space Admin from within Corporate Management utility:

From within Corporate Management utility select the spaces Icon.

Select the space name you wish to invite a new user to

Press the "Add user to space" button

In the popup window:

  • add the email address of the user you are inviting

  • Slide the Space Editor slider to ON

  • Set the Space Admin checkbox to TRUE

  • Add a message for context

  • Press Invite

Note: For the purposes of this tutorial you should be inviting a user with a different email domain than are not managed by your Corporate Management settings.

The person you invited will receive and email confirmation from HOWEVER, not until the press the "Join Space" hyperlink will they be listed as a Space Admin. You cannot transfer the Space to their domain until they have joined.

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