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Updates: Release note highlights Q2 2018
Updates: Release note highlights Q2 2018

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Early June 2018 release:


  • Document where Salesforce fields are used: Yet another addition to the Salesforce usage documentation - you can now check which Approval Processes, Workflow Rules, Validations Rules and Global Actions are using a Salesforce field. 

  • GDPR custom fields: We added an "additional notes" field for GDPR categorization of the Reference Model that allows you to capture any custom data you want. 

Early May 2018 release:


  • Corporate IT Management: We are proud to introduce our new corporate governance solution. Corporate IT Admin is a single site-wide license that gives visibility and management of all the Spaces and all the users across the whole organization, including SSO and user sessions. A Corporate IT Admin user can change and block user permissions, and set policies. 

  • Salesforce comparison report: You can now compare any two reference models from the same Salesforce environment - whether that is two sandboxes or if you wish to compare your sandbox with production. The report will also summarize differences for you ! 

  • User sessions: Monitor your user sessions to control where you are logged in and invalidate your sessions on other devices to make sure your content is secure.  

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