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Updates: Release note highlights Q3 2018
Updates: Release note highlights Q3 2018

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Late September 2018 release:


  • % filled for all fields in objects: We released a new powerful addition to the SF Org Analytics ! We display the cumulative % population of fields by % range per object, based on the last 10,000 records for each object. 

  • Users by last logged-in date: Understand the adoption and usage of Salesforce in your organization by using these charts. We break down last log-in date for all users and for each profile separately.

  • New Salesforce reports: We added 4 new Salesforce reports for your Ref models: field usage, field access, field % population and last logged-in reports.

  • RASCI: A real treat for business analysts - you can now tag resources with RASCI roles inside Elements Catalyst and generate the RASCI matrix reports for your process maps!

Late August 2018 release:


  • Catalyst Apps on newest angular: We completed a project of updating our main editors to the newest angular technology to make sure you get the best & fastest user experience when using Catalyst!

  • Corporate IT Management - policies: We added 2 new policies to help you manage security of your corporate environment inside Catalyst. You can restrict inviting & sharing content with external users (i.e. users who do not belong to your domains) and restrict coping so that users can never move content to spaces belonging to other domains. 

  • New user stories list: We decided to make user stories much easier to use. You can now quickly switch between requirement list & story list in the main application. 

Late July 2018 release:


  • Salesforce Org Documentation:  A new addition to our Salesforce Org Analytics, the set of documentation bar charts allows you to get an in-depth view on how well do you understand your own Org.

  • Salesforce Org Analytics: We improved upon our MVP and introduced a slick navigation menu and changed previously released charts to include data for all types of objects - standard, custom and managed package objects. 

Early July 2018 release:


  • Salesforce Org Analytics: We are proud to present our newest functionality - the Salesforce Org Analytics, which is the Documentation Hub to manage the healthcare of your Salesforce Org. Org size trends, documentation, breakdown of users by profiles and permissions, number of records per object, number of custom fields per object, GDPR... it's all here. And much more still to come!

  • Corporate IT Management - policies: We added a new policy to help you manage security of your corporate environment inside Elements Catalyst. You can make the Corporate IT Management accessible only by the Corporate Admins.

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