See who has access to Salesforce fields

Permission audit; Visibility audit; Check who has access to Salesforce field; Manage field level access

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Working out who has permissions to view what, has never been easier, this is the new generation Information Security tool for Salesforce admins.

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Sync'd Salesforce Org

Quick overview

For any object in an Org Model, open the tree and select a field. Select the "Field access by permission set/profile" tab in the right panel. Then click "Fetch field access data" to get the data.

You will get a notification when access details have been updated. You will see what profiles and permission sets (and how many) are associated with a given field.

The hyperlink icons will open the profile pages inside Salesforce Setup. If you roll over a listed profile or permission set, you will see a pop-over with key metadata about it:

Click on the "Show users with access" text button at the top to see how many users have access to this field, as well as their access type. 

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