Setting up Elements Catalyst Demo Space

When you join the Partner program you get unlimited use of an Elements Catalyst PRO Space for demonstrating to clients. 

The first job is to create a Space which will be your demo Space.  You can create as a trial and the can set it to PRO.

A quick summary on the principles of Spaces 

  • A Space is secure, ring-fenced work area. Think of it as an "implementation of Elements Catalyst"
  • DO NOT think of Spaces as folders. A corporate will probably only have ONE Space. A consulting firm will have one Space for internal operations and a separate one for every client.
  • You can invite users to Spaces. They can then only see what is in that Space - provided they have been given view or edit rights. Every user in a Space can see the other users.
  • The demo space will have a single SF connection license enabled which allows to connect 1 Production Org and up to 6 Sandboxes (what we call a Salesforce implementation). Each PRO space requires a separate Connection license per each SF implementation. 
  • An Elements Catalyst user can be a member of multiple Spaces. One login - multiple Spaces. You can switch between Spaces.
  • Whoever sets up the Space is the Admin. But you can assign admin rights to multiple people and Admin rights can be transferred by assigning admin rights to another, who then removes yours. So a Space could be set up by a consultant and then transferred to the client at the end of the project.  Or you could continue as the Admin and charge the client a monthly fee for managing the Space.
  • Finally, a user needs a separate license for each Space they are an Editor in.  As a Viewer they can view, comment and collaborate at no cost.
  • A Space can be FREE, PRO, or PRO-TRIAL.
  • An additional license - Corporate Management - provides user provisioning, policies, governance and control at the across all Spaces for a set of domains.

Create a new Space

Log into Elements Catalyst using your email address as username.
Navigate to the Spaces page.  
Create a new Space (Blue "NEW SPACE" button in top bar)

Create a single email address/username for installing Elements Catalyst in each client Salesforce Org

For each new client you will create a new Pro (or Enterprise) Space which is dedicated to them.  This is NOT the demo Space you have just created. You can connect multiple Production and Sandbox Orgs to the client Space. 

We recommend that you create single Elements user e.g. (remember, the Elements Catalyst username is an email address) that is used to run all set up between Elements Catalyst and Salesforce Orgs for every client. That way that Elements Catalyst user will be the Space Admin for all client Spaces and the Partner ID is on the client Space. 

That Elements Catalyst user  can then invite the consultants and clients to the client Space that was created.

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