Elements Catalyst is a cloud application, so it is viewed on a browser with an internet connection. Here is the list of currently supported browsers.

Elements Catalyst has (so far) been optimized to work on desktops and laptops. You will be able to register, view and navigate within Elements Catalyst on tablets and smartphones in landscape mode.

Elements Catalyst is architected to work on touchscreen tablets, but we have not released the capabilities as the behaviors are not optimized or consistent across all iOS/Android devices yet. However, the UI is designed with tablets in mind: the left hand panel (opens when you select "SWITCH TO EDIT" on a Diagram) allows drag and drop of activities, free text, lines and Sticky Notes with a finger; activities can be added with a double tap of your finger; all sizing and line drawing anchors are fully functional on a tablet.

Although we did not intend for Elements Catalyst to operate at smartphone levels, it is remarkably useful via a browser on a smartphone. We will be releasing this once the interaction is consistent and fully functional across iOS and Android devices. It will not be ideal as the screen is too small; nevertheless, if you need to quickly review and add comments or view a diagram then, depending on your device, it can be surprisingly effective.

You may need to adjust your screen display settings to get the best experience.

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