When a Salesforce Sandbox is refreshed what has actually happened is that a new Org has been created with the same URL, same user account IDs but a new Org ID. 

This means that the connection in Elements Catalyst to the previous version of the Sandbox will now not work and the linkage has been broken. The syncs will not be running and the Org Model has been detached from the metadata.

The good news is that it is simple to reconnect the Org Model to the new sandbox. DO NOT delete the Org Model or disconnect the Org Model switcher in the Elements Catalyst Space Management | Connection pages - this will delete the Org Model and associated data.


There are 2 ways of reconnecting your Sandbox based on the type of sync architecture you are running. If you refreshed your Sandbox and lost the connection token you should have received an automated email from us informing you which reconnection procedure is right for you. If you haven't received it or are unsure you can contact the support team via the chat icon to find out.

Reconnecting on the new sync architecture

If your connection is run on the new sync architecture and you refreshed the Sandbox then all you need to do is go to the connections page and click the red "Reconnect" button available on the right (as seen in the picture below).


  • You need to make sure that you are already logged in to the appropriate Sandbox before clicking the button. Otherwise you will reconnect to the wrong Org.
  • Alternatively, make sure you are logged out of all Sandboxes. Then, when you click on the "Reconnect" button, you will be asked to log in to a Sandbox environment.

Reconnecting on the old sync architecture

If you can't see the "Reconnect" button in the connections page for the refreshed Sandbox connection, then you are on the old sync architecture. In order to reconnect to the refreshed Sandbox you must follow a different procedure.

If Elements managed package is installed into the source Org that the Sandbox was created from then there is no need to install the Elements Catalyst package.  If the Org does not have the managed package installed then reinstall . LINK

If the Sandbox was created from an Org that had Elements Catalyst managed package installed and was connected then you will get a warning message (as shown below).  However, since Elements Catalyst does not recognize the Sandbox ID it results in the Sandbox treating the connection as broken and will not allow a reconnect to take place.

  1. In the Sandbox Org, go to the Elements managed package app and select "Elements Settings" tab.
  2. If the Quickstart option is shown go to "Manual setup".
  3. Log into Elements Catalyst using your Elements Catalyst credentials.  (If you have only every used your Salesforce login you will need to set an Elements Catalyst password. The easiest way to do this is go to the Elements Catalyst login page and request a Reset of your password.)

3. The bottom panel, Elements Catalyst Space Details, will allow you to select a Space.  Click the 'Overwrite sandbox connection' checkbox.  This changes the behavior so only existing sandbox Org Model connections in Elements Catalyst can be selected.  Make sure you do select the correct one.  If not you will hijack a different Org's Org Model.

4. Select the existing Org Model that you want to reconnect to and hit Save.

5. In Elements Catalyst, go to the Elements Catalyst Space Management | Connections for the space that contains the Org Model.

6. In the Connections page you will need to Re-authenticate to the new Sandbox.  Go to the Connection panel for the new Sandbox Org and click on the 'Refresh authentication token' link in the bottom 

You have reconnected the refreshed Sandbox to the Elements Catalyst Org Model. 

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