To test the PRO features, click on any of the green "Try PRO for free" buttons. You can find the button on the right panel in the Space list, when you try to access any of the PRO-only features (URL Library, Ref Models, Releases) at the top of the Dashboard, and in the Space Management pages. 

Confirm your trial and your Space will be upgraded to PRO for 14 days. Every Editor currently in the Space will be upgraded to Pro. You will have a minimum of three Pro Editor licenses.

One trial per Space

Automatic PRO trial is available once per Space. If a Space has already been upgraded to a PRO trial, or if you have created any PRO trial space before then, you cannot automatically set up a trial. Contact the customer success team or click on the chat icon in the app.

At the end of the trial period

After 14 days you can purchase Pro licenses. Here is how you upgrade to Pro.

If you decide to downgrade to Free, you will not lose the maps you have created, but the Ref Models and Releases will be deleted. 

Note: We no longer allow you to generate dependency trees in a Pro Trial. To do this you will require an Enterprise trial/license. Contact us at to learn more.

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