Click here to access the Elements implementation guide for DevOps Center. Here you will find an in depth explanation of the what, why and how for using DevOps Center with Elements.

Article outline:


  • A synced Salesforce Org with Salesforce DevOps Center beta installed

  • The Elements managed package installed in your Org (v. 4.17 or above)

  • The Elements Chrome Browser extension installed

  • Admin permissions in the Space you've chosen

Installing the Elements DevOps Center extension package

Firstly, please ensure that you have got the Salesforce DevOps Center beta up and running in your Org of choice. See here for more information.

Next, click this link to download the Elements DevOps Center extension package into your Org. This step needs to be completed before you can connect and configure anything in Elements.

Create the connection in Elements

Once you have downloaded the extension package, navigate to Space Management. You can do this by clicking the name of the Space in the top left corner, or by clicking the cog and selecting "Space settings" in the right hand side of the Elements toolbar.

From here, navigate to "Connections" in the left hand panels, and select the 3rd tab along the top - "DevOps (Beta)".

We suggest at this stage you ensure you are logged out of all Salesforce instances before you try to create a new connection. This will ensure you are rerouted to the Salesforce login page and can connect the right Org first time.

From the DevOps tab, click "Connect Production/Dev Org". You will be directed to the Salesforce login page and asked to login to the Org you want to connect.

Once successfully connected the page should look like this:


Error message:

"Please install Elements-DevOps Center Extension package in order to connect Devops Center".

You will see this when you first open the DevOps (Beta) tab. However, if this message persists after you try to connect it means the Org you connected does not have our DevOps Center package installed. You can install it here.

This error can also occur if you are trying to connect the wrong Org. Ensure you are logged out of all Salesforce instances before you try to connect, so that you are directed to the login page. This way you can be sure you're connecting the right Org.

Error message:

"The Elements managed package installed in this org does not support DevOps."

This means that your managed package is out of date. We require version 4.17 or greater to run the Elements/DevOps Center integration. Running a fresh sync should refresh the package version, but if this fails you can reach out to us at for more help.

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