Deleting Data with Data Privacy Manager

Automatic deletion and deleted data search with DPM

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Data Privacy Manager supports the data lifecycle by allowing rules to be applied to contacts and leads, which will result in these items being deleted.

Enabling Deletion Management

By default, the deletion management capability is off in the App.  Enabling the Data Deletion capability will enable the recording of any contact or lead that is deleted in the delete history.
The delete history stores the following data in an MD5 hashed form so that the data can be queried to see if it exists, but this data cannot be recovered. The fields stored are:

  • Email

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Postal code

Enable the facility using the switch in the Data Deletion and on the Data Deletion Preferences section.
With this enabled, any lead or contact which is deleted will have these details stored so they can be subsequently queried. This applies to manually deleted records as well as automatically deleted records if this capability is subsequently enabled.

Enabling Automatic Data Deletion

The App allows control over the automatic deletion of leads and contacts. There are four possible states in which data can be deleted. These are:

  • Leads - no privacy permissions have been added

  • Leads - all privacy permissions have expired

  • Contacts - no privacy permissions have been added

  • Contacts - all privacy permissions have expired

Each case can be individually enabled and the period of time after the record enters that state that the deletion will occur.  The value is between 1 and 120 days.

Records unable to be deleted

It is possible that records cannot be deleted due to Salesforce rules. In this case, the record will not be deleted. For example, if a contact currently owns a case, their record cannot be deleted.

Deleted records search

The App allows a search to be conducted across the data that has been deleted.  

It returns the number of records that match the search based on email, first name, last name, and postal code. It shows the type and when the record was deleted.

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