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Release Notes for Data Privacy Manager (P360)
Release Notes for Data Privacy Manager (P360)

Details on new features and bugs fixed in each release

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This article is a compounded history of our releases and what was introduced in each one of them.

Article outline

  • Release 4.5 4 April 2021

  • Release 4.4.9 22 March 20 21

  • Release 4.4.7 8 February 2021

  • Release 4.4.6 24 January 2021

  • Release 4.4.5 13 December 2020

  • Release 4.4.4 08 November 2020

  • Release 4.4 20 October 2020

  • Release 4.3 1 October 2020

  • Release 4.2 20 September 2020

  • Release 4.1 7 September 2020

  • Release 4.0 18 August 2020

  • Release 3.8 20 July 2020

  • Release 2.16 15 October 2019

  • Release 2.15 15 October 2019

  • Release 2.10 21 May 2019

  • Release 2.9 5 May 2019

  • Release 2.3 14 January 2019

  • Release 2.2 23 November 2018

  • Release 2.1 29 October 2018

  • Release 1.6 13 September 2018

  • Release 1.5 25 May 2018

  • Release 1.4 16 May 2018

  • Release 4.5 4 April 2021

Batch Job Notifications

The app now sends an email to assigned administrators when the Privacy Batch Job and Expiration Jobs a have been unscheduled.

  • Release 4.4.9 22 March 2021

Package Optimisation

Enhanced the efficiency of the Aura based preference center as well as batch processing.

  • Release 4.4.7 8 February 2021

Preference Center Functionality

The preference center will now collect permissions from every related contact or lead with the defined email address and display it to the person. When they modify their permissions - they will reflect across all of the duplicate records.

Mass Actions on Permissions

You can now withdraw and extend privacy permission on mass through the Privacy Panel on a record.

  • Release 4.4.6 24 January 2021

Guest User Update

The guest user permission set has now been updated to reflect the changes that Spring ’21 brings to guest user permissions.

Lead Conversion Updates

Lead conversion will now match any additional contacts permission and update them accordingly when converting the record.

  • Release 4.4.5 13 December 2020

Extend Task Functionality

When extending a permission via the task handler using “Datapm:Extend” the application now will create a new permission if a matching permission is not found - this way the user no longer has to implement logic to create or extend.

  • Release 4.4.4 08 November 2020

Bug Fixes and Optimisation Updates

  • Release 4.4 20 October 2020

Bug Fixes and Optimisation Updates

  • Release 4.3 1 October 2020

Duplicate Record Support

The app now supports duplicate records ensuring that when a user unsubscribes from all communication rules that it is reflected across all related records.

  • Release 4.2 20 September 2020

Introduces the DataPM Extend Task

Extend permissions via the task handler and ensure that the permission is extended instead of created.

Pardot Permission Set Update

Updates the pardot permission set to ensure that permissions are correct when using the task handler.

  • Release 4.1 7 September 2020

Apex Class Access

Updates the DPM permission sets to include all of the apex classes necessary for using the application.

  • Release 4.0 18 August 2020

Guest User Access

Refactors all classes that are used by the Guest User to ensure that they run on future versions and restrictions.

  • Release 3.8 20 July 2020

Nested Communication Rules

You can now create parent and child communication rules so that when a user views them in the preference center you can see them in a hierarchy view.

  • Release 2.16       15 October 2019

Pardot Permission Set

Due to a change in pardot permission, we have now included a permission set specifically for use on your pardot integration user.

  • Release 2.15        15 October 2019

Field Validation Settings

You may now allow an Admin user to update the Communication Rules field on a Contact, Lead, or Person Account. 

Privacy Alert Banner

You man now notify users when a Contact, Lead, or Person Account is ok to contact in Lightning Experience.  Switching on this setting will display a Green alert banner notifying the user that the lead or contact has a privacy status of Active when in the Lightning User Interface.

Preference Center Instructions

The preference center settings have been updated to included detailed instructions on how to customize your preference center.  

Multiple Preference Centers

You may now have more than one preference center setting’s file per org. This will allow you to have a definition that is valid against multiple orgs at the same time – the name can then be specified within the community. 

Thank You and Confirmation Pages

Upon updating your preferences, you are now directed to a confirmation pages that lets the user know that their preferences have been updated. This text can be modified within the settings.  

  • Release 2.10           21 May 2019

Preference Center Style

We have further updated the preference center style controls to allow you to control even more of the detail and brand of the lightning component.

You can now:

  • Remove borders

  • Remove section titles

  • Remove the verification instructions

  • Hide Buttons

  • Replace the Communication Rule Title with the Description

  • Much More!

Preference Center Modification Confirmation

When a user is updating their preferences or unsubscribing from a communication rule, you can now direct them to a confirmation screen within the lightning component. These messages can be fully customised in rich text from the Admin Panel.   

Preference Center User Permissions

In the past we have suggested manually configuring your guest user profiles for access to the preference canter. We have now included a ‘DPM Guest User’ Permission Set that you can assign to your communities guest user. 

This gives the following access: 

  • System Permission

  • Send Email

  • Guest Access to Read

  • Contact & Lead - First Name, Email & DPM Token

  • Communication Rules

  • Privacy Sources

  • Preference Center Settings

  • Privacy Opt-ins

  • Preference Center Sections

  • Unsubscribes

  • Guest Access to Edit

  • Privacy Opt-ins

  • Unsubscribes

  • Guest Access to Create

  • Privacy Permissions

  • Privacy Opt-ins

  • Unsubscribes

  • Guest Access to Delete

  • Unsubscribes

French Language Translation 

The Preference Center Lightning Component for Salesforce Lighting Communities has been updated to fully support the French Language. If you have requests for language translation please feel free to reach out.

  • Release 2.9          5 May 2019

Added Sorting to Preference Center Sections

We have added the ability to sort the Preference Center Sections if the user has supplied an integer into the sort field of the section. This will order the sections by this number when the component is loaded in the community. 

Preference Center Style

We have further updated the preference center style controls to allow you to control even more of the detail and brand of the lightning component.

French Language Update

All end user facing screens have now been updated with translations for the French Language. If you have requests for language translation please feel free to reach out.

  • Release 2.3           14 January 2019

Show All Available Subscriptions via Unsubscribe Function

You can now expose all potential subscriptions to users via the unsubscribe URL. 

You may add /?action=Unsubscribe&token=ABC&CrCodes=All to your hyperlink to give access to this feature. 

It must be turned on via the Admin Panel to utilise. 

Integration Settings

You can now automatically delete the tasks created to integrate DPM and your marketing tools by turning on this feature. In the Admin Panel, you may activate ‘Delete Completed Tasks’ to automatically delete any tasks that have been successful. 

Hide Communication Rules Sections

You may now hide the communication rules sections from your users by activating this feature, you may access this via the Admin Panel. 

  • Release 2.2           23 November 2018

Person Accounts

The DPM application now support Person Accounts as well as Contacts and Leads.

  • Works the same way as for the Contacts and Leads

  • When adding the components to a lightning page add a filter to only show the component if the Account is a Person Account.  If this is not done the component will show a warning message that the account is not a Person Account

  • No reports are provided.  This have to be added as they create a dependancy on the Person Account

New task support

The task processing has been extended with the following options

  • The Optout task can now take a channel parameter that will only opt out of communication rules of a specific channel type, e.g. email

  • Extend Task.  It is now possible to extend a Privacy Permission by creating a Extend Change Request. The change request is for a specific Privacy Source type and can be controlled so that a new Change Request is only created if no change request has been created with a certain period.

  • Withdraw task.  It is now possible to Withdraw a Privacy Permission by create a change request.

  • By default when a task is processed it is now deleted as soon as it completes.  This means that the task is created processed and removed within a short time frame.  This can be disabled from the DPM Admin panel.

Improved UI for assigning Communication Rules to Privacy Sources

The user interface for assigning communications rules has been complete reworked to make it easier to manage and assign the rules.

Remove all Users from DPM Users Permission Set

In the DPM Admin panel there is an option to remove all the users form the 'DPM Users' Permission Set.  This is is necessary if you wish to uninstall the DPM Package after setting up the Preference Center as the guest user cannot be removed through the standard Salesforce UI.

  • Release 2.1          29 October 2018

Preference Center

The DPM Preference Center has been released.  This Lightning component allows a community site to be built which can allow user to interact with their own preferences.

  • Support for user to see all of the preferences that they are subscribed to along with all of the preferences that they are not currently subscribed to,

  • Allow user to unsubscribe and to subscribe to a preference

  • See how they were signed up to a preference

  • All Communication Rules to be grouped 

  • All Communication Rules to be prohibit unsubscribe and also allow them to be hidden

  • Support for Double Optin when a user has a Privacy Permission added

  • Support integration with Unsubscribe capability of Marketing Automation tools such as Pardot

See the following video for more information:

Unsubscribe behaviour

In the Admin Tab the subscribe behaviour when a user is added to a Privacy Source can now be controlled.  By default it is set so that a user will be resubscribed if they have previously unsubscribed but if this is turned off they will not be resubscribed until they explicitly resubscribe through the Preference Center.

  • Release 1.6        13 September 2018

Unsubscribe is retained

When a user is unsubscribes from a communication rule the knowledge that the user has unsubscribes is retained and when a new Privacy permission is added with this communications rule it is not added to the user as the unsubscribe is retained and applied.

  • Release 1.5       25 May 2018

Extended Support for Classic

The package now has the Admin Tab for Classic. This provides access to the majority of the Admin capability including the Delete Management. However, the Data Upload Tool and the Delete Suppression Search Tool are not available in Classic.

Four VisualForce pages are now available, two for Leads and two for Contacts.

Delete Management

The Delete Management Tool is provided as part of the Admin capability. 

If enabled every Lead and Contract, when deleted, has an MD5 hash of the email, name, and postal code stored.

Data life cycle management rules can be enabled on Leads and Contacts to auto delete after a period of time from when permissions expire.

Suppression search capability to find when Leads and Contacts were deleted.

Integration Support

Each Communication Rule and Privacy Source have a unique six digit code that is used to drive the integration rules. The Admin panel provides a list of available codes.

Leads and Contacts have an auto maintained field that stores a comma separated list of the current active Communication Rule codes for that item.

Tasks created on Leads and Contacts with specific text in the subject field and parameters in the comments field are processed on creation and allow new permissions to be created, unsubscribe from list and optout management.

Retention and Communication Date

Retention and Communication periods can now be up to 9999 months.

Permission Set Management

When users are added to the Org they are automatically joined to the User Data Privacy permission set.

  • Release 1.4       16 May 2018

Support for Classic

A new App is provided for the classic interface.

Data Upload Tool

The Admin Panel provides the ability to upload privacy permissions by providing a list of Contact or Lead IDs.

Dashboard Removed

The dynamic dashboard has been removed from the package.

The need for the Change Dashboard Color permission to install the package has been removed.

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