VisualForce Pages

The package provides six VisualForce pages, two for leads, two for contacts and two for accounts. These are:

  • Warning

  • Communication Rules

The Warning VF page displays a colored bar with text in it based on the current status of the lead or contact.

  • Green - current active permissions

  • Yellow - no permissions have been added

  • Red - all permissions have expired

The Communication Rules VF page displays a list of the active Communications Rules for the lead or contact.  The dropdown button on the right of each rule allows the lead or contact to be unsubscribed from this rule.

Updating contacts, leads and person account page layouts (Classic)

The suggested changes to the Lead, Contact and Person Account page layouts are:

  • Warning: add a section above the main data. Make this single column with no title and add the warning component with a height of 50 pixels.

  • Communication Rules: add a section before the related lists.  Make this single column, with a title of Communication Rules, with a height of 250 pixels and set the scroll bars on.

  • Privacy Permissions: add to the related lists section

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