Update contacts, leads and person account page layouts (Lightning)

IMPORTANT: the Privacy Alert component is required to be placed on the lead, contact and account page layouts.  If it is not added to the layouts, an error will be shown when a Privacy Permission is added.

In order to allow the privacy data for the contact and lead to be shown, the package provides three Lightning components:

  • Privacy Communications Method

  • Privacy Permissions Panel

  • Privacy Alert

To edit a Lightning page, go to a contact record, then click "Setup" in the toolbar and select "Edit Page".

Add Privacy Communications Method

This component lists the currently available Communication Rules that the lead or contact has associated with them.

It can be added to the contact or lead page layout. It is suggested that a new tab with a name such as "Communications" is added to the main container. Make this tab open as the default.

Then on the new tab the Privacy Communications Type component can be added.

Add Privacy Permission Container

This component is used to show the most recent Privacy Permissions that the user has. This can be added to the page layout. We suggest it is added in the right panel as a new tab.

The component can be set up to display in three modes: Tile, In Tab, and List. Select the number of Privacy Permissions to be selected. It is defaulted to 1.

Add Privacy Alert

IMPORTANT: this component must be added to the lead, contact and account page layouts. If it is not added, an error will be shown when adding Privacy Permissions.

The Privacy Alert will show a yellow bar if there are no Privacy Permissions and a red one if there are only expired Permissions.

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