In an Enterprise Space, you can connect more than one Salesforce Production Org to your Space. You need to upgrade your Space to the Enterprise plan. Contact Customer Success team 

An Enterprise Space is designed to support multiple Salesforce Production Orgs; for example, a multinational with a Salesforce Org per business unit, a company that has acquired operations each with their own Org, a Higher Ed that has different Orgs for different faculties. 

Most customers are looking to consolidate and simplify their Salesforce implementations, and therefore having a single Enterprise space in Elements helps to support their journey of consolidating Orgs. 

To be clear, this is not designed to support a consulting organisation serving multiple clients. For consulting organisations looking to support multiple clients, each client will require their own Pro Team Space paired with their Salesforce Implementation. If that client themselves has multiple Salesforce Orgs they want to manage and/or consolidate, then that client will require an Enterprise Team Space paired with their multiple Salesforce Orgs. 

Once your space is upgraded to Enterprise (will show as "ENT" on Spaces), you will be able to connect to multiple Salesforce Production Orgs and their associated sandboxes.  

You can access the management window on "Space Management" (see image below: go to Spaces, select the space, click on "Manage space" - click on "Integrations").

Each Salesforce Production Org and any Sandboxes are treated as separate implementations by Elements. You will need to pair each of these with Elements.

To create a new implementation, click on "NEW IMPLEMENTATION". You then follow the same instructions as as for a Pro Space, shown in the video below or in the Installation Guide.


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