The Elements Catalyst managed package connects your Salesforce Org to the Elements Catalyst app running on AWS, and provides four components:

  • User provisioning and single sign-on
  • Elements tabs so the entire app is accessed inside a Salesforce tab
  • Salesforce Player allows Elements content to be displayed within standard or custom objects, or on a separate tab in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Org Model allows the configuration data in the Salesforce Org to be uploaded and managed in Elements; this connects to an Elements Space that must be Pro, not Free

Clean up your Org

Sync your Salesforce config data into an Elements Org Model to get a unique view of your Org configuration and then keep track of the impact of changes. This is invaluable as you clean up your Org and then document the changes as you migrate to Lightning and improve your Salesforce implementation. 

The 15 minute video below provides more insights into how it works and the benefits.

Note: if you have an existing Team Space in Elements that you want to pair with your Salesforce Org you will need to use the manual option and you should use the "Installation and Administration Guide", which can be downloaded here. It takes less than 10 minutes to install, set up the package, and configure. But take a look at the video below if you want to get going with "Quick Start" on a new Team Space.

What does the Elements.cloud Catalyst management package do?

It syncs all your config data from Salesforce into an Elements Org Model so it is easier to see what has been configured.

You can then add documentation at any level. You can also link config items to requirements, process activities, and an ERD in Elements.

This is invaluable as you configure and then continue to improve and upgrade your Salesforce implementation.


You need to install the Elements Catalyst managed package. It is a standard Salesforce managed package application for Enterprise or Sandbox Orgs – in Lightning or Classic. It is available on the AppExchange.

The Installation and Administration Guide, which also has the link to the installation package, can be downloaded here. It takes less than 10 minutes to install, set up the package, and configure.

 There is no cost to install the managed package, but this requires an upgrade to the Catalyst Pro Plan.

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