Late April 2019


  • Salesforce help in classic and lightning: You can now provide end user help in both classic and lightning object record pages. You can manage available help on objects, fields and even record types.
  • Push process diagrams as help: You can now use Catalyst to achieve 2 goals at once: document your Org by linking objects, fields and record types to supporting business processes and then push these as end user help with just one click ! 
  • Advanced rich text editor for notes: The rich text notes just became much richer ! Embed videos, images, urls and grids inside a note to make the documentation and salesforce end user help that much more enticing !
  • Reports & Dashboards in the Org model: Select a report or a dashboard in the Org model and check out the new and improved list of reports being used by a dashboard / dashboards using a report with the key metadata on rollover. 

Early April 2019


  • Salesforce help:  Using our Chrome extension for Salesforce you can now embed training materials for end users at point of need for objects and fields on record pages. Push through a presentation, a document, a video or ask you end users to leave you feedback how to better configure the Org.
    Visit our User Adoption trail for methodology tips!
  • Fields used: We have finished rolling out the field usage data. There are now 15 different items, from apex classes to validation rules, for which you can check all used fields in the FIELDS tab. On top of that, all listed fields come with key metadata & impact assessment on the rollover. 
  • Rollovers with metadata in the usage & access tabs: When investigating where a field is being used or what profiles & permission sets can access it roll over the listed items to see a popover window with key metadata about these items. 
  • Corporate Management of users and spaces: We strengthened the corporate management of users & content in Elements. If a space or a user belong to a corporately managed domain then neither can be deleted unless the Corporate Admins agrees. Deleting user accounts also allows the Corporate Admins to choose who will take ownership of deleted user's content. 


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