This trail takes you through becoming a Partner, understanding the Elements Catalyst app and then using to open up new project opportunities and deliver projects that wow your clients.

Let's get started.

  1. Joining the Elements Partner Program (5 mins)
  2. Setting up your Elements environment and your Partner ID (10 mins)
  3. Understand how to navigate the Org Model and use the analytics (25 mins)
  4. Use Elements Catalyst to engage with clients (15 mins)
  5. Document your Org - Principles (35 mins)
  6. HOW: Mapping your processes (30 mins)
  7. WHAT: Relating business processes to Salesforce customizations (15 mins)
  8. WHY: Adding documentation to Salesforce customizations (15 mins)
  9. The 3 approaches for billing clients  (10 mins)
  10. Connecting multiple Orgs to a Space

At the end of the trail, let us know, how we did.  What could we improve? We're here to help you so tell us what we could do better - whether in training content or application capabilities at

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