Elements.cloud helps you deliver GDPR compliance more quickly and at lower cost

DATA CATEGORIZATION: don’t spend hours building a spreadsheet with data fields for all your apps that you know will be out of date tomorrow.

Use the Elements Salesforce Integration to build a Ref Model for your Salesforce Org. It takes less than 10 mins to install and configure the managed package. It syncs all of your objects and fields for core data, installed apps, and all your customizations to a ref model. Set up a daily automated sync.

Build custom ref models for other apps using the CSV import. Based on demand, we will build automated syncs for other marketing, CRM and support apps e.g. Mailchimp, Eloqua, Hubspot, DocuSign, ZenDesk…

For every field listed in the ref model, you can categorize and record where personal data is held.

"Smart categorization" of new fields based on field name and field type.

Bulk changes to field settings. You've been through and validated all the Personal Data fields. Now you can mark every other field in the objects as N/A in a single click.

Report on the GDPR status of your categorization work.

See categorization status graphically.

Below is a screenshot of the listing of ref models, and then categorizing a field in the Salesforce Ref Model.

PROCESS COMPLIANCE: map processes with version control that satisfies the regulators and helps your staff maintain compliance.

Quickly map operational processes.

Link activity boxes to supporting content, training, apps so it is training material.

Apply easy, but rigorous, version control to process diagrams to meet regulatory standards.

Give all users access to diagrams directly or embedded in Salesforce objects so they understand what they should do to comply.

In the Public Space "Example GDPR Compliance", there are pre-built examples that support GDPR clauses that you can use as a starting point.

The processes use the core Elements.cloud Process Mapping approach, so you can join the Public space to review, and then copy them to your own space to use as templates to edit/refer to as appropriate. 

Below is a screenshot of a process diagram showing how you can document your operation, setup links to supporting information, and the diagram drilldown on activity box 6: You can also use the Governance features (on a Pro space), to maintain this as compliance documentation in support of GDPR.

From $730/year

You need to upgrade your Space to PRO. Every Editor in a PRO Space is $730/year. All viewers are free. Nonprofit and HigherEd get 50% discount.

See How to Upgrade and the Pricing page.


The package works with both Lightning and Classic. You need to have both an Elements user account and a Salesforce Org with either Enterprise or Unlimited licenses. 

The Elements.cloud managed package is available on the AppExchange

The instructions for downloading and installing are in the installation and configuration guide. Click on the button below to download.

The "Data Privacy Manager" app is a separate Salesforce App from Elements.cloud for supporting Consent and Privacy Management within Salesforce. (See our DPM page on the website for more details).  You can install the Data Privacy Manager from the AppExchange

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