Catalyst can already be embedded within Salesforce classic and Lightning UIs within tabs, frames or inside objects.  It is covered in this article.

In terms of other applications, the APIs are open. If you would like to understand how to develop this capability around a particular application or find out what is happening in the product roadmap around a specific technology, please contact us at

Embedding process maps and diagrams in other apps

Process maps are designed to be viewed and shared collaboratively online within the context of the other diagrams and attachments. So, before you jump to embedding diagrams in other apps, stop and humor us for a minute. Each diagram has a unique, secure URL. You could simply add the link to your document (post, email, tweet, chat….) to bring people (and knowledge) into the context of the process. Just remember to invite the users to the process map with at least view access rights.

But if you really need to embed diagrams as content into other apps…

Option 1: You can use the zoom icons on the diagram toolbar to get the diagram to the size you want and then take a screenshot – or drag a sized screen-grab of the content you want. Paste the image into your documentation.

For mac (cmd-shift-4)

For Windows click for their support page (different for different versions of Windows)

Option 2: You can print a diagram from the print icon on the diagram toolbar. Choose to print to PDF and then embed the PDF into your document.

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