We’ve written a book on this subject. Analysis, Automation & Adoption for #AwesomeAdmins has been written for Salesforce Admins.

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Business analysis is probably the most critical skills for any Salesforce Admin when implementing Salesforce.  And it is becoming more important as implementations are getting increasingly complex. Business analysis is a combination of soft skills – questioning, communicating, formulating answers  – and the hard skills such as project management, process mapping and Salesforce automation.

This book is all about providing you with easily understood and learnt tools and techniques for business analysis and process mapping. They have been proven in thousands of clients in every industry and in companies ranging from the Fortune500 down to innovative start ups. 

Elements Integration for Salesforce

The Elements Integration for Salesforce managed package enables clients to deliver process content inside any Salesforce application with single sign-on:

  • Single Sign-on within Salesforce: users can use their Salesforce login credentials to access process content in Elements

  • User Management provisioning: bulk load and then automatically keep Salesforce users and Elements users in sync

  • A new tab with process maps: add a Salesforce Tab with list of Maps a user can access

  • Diagrams embedded into objects, display as a Related List: add a Salesforce Related List to any object (account, contact, custom etc) and display a process diagram

  • With Catalyst managed package, sync your Org metadata to an Elements space and get insightful analytics to clean up, document and build your Org. (Pro feature)

It is available on the AppExchange.

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