How is PRO billed?
Charges are invoiced at the end of the month in arrears based on the licenses and calculated on a daily basis. It is charged to a credit card held on file against the Space.

What payment cards are accepted?
Credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

How do I add/update my card?
In the Space Management app, select "billing" on the left menu.

Can't add or change a credit card on my space
You need to have a "billing manager" permission turned on to be able to manage card billing. 

How do I delete my card ?
You need to replace the card with another valid card.

What currencies do you charge in ?
US Dollars.

Why do you need VAT/TAX number ?
If this field is entered then we can calculate the tax correctly. If in the UK, you are charged 20% VAT. If you are a VAT registered organization, you can claim it back. If you are in the EU and you put in a VAT number, you will not be charged VAT. If you do not, it will be considered a private purchase and VAT will be charged at the appropriate local rate (from 17%-28%). If you are from anywhere else in the world you will not be charged VAT.

What format is the VAT/TAX number ?
Do not enter the “.” or “-“.

What if it is a personal purchase?
Enter “Personal” in the Company field and leave the VAT/Tax number field blank.

What happens if you cannot charge the credit card (expired, maxed out)?
If a payment fails, you will automatically be emailed. After three days, the charge is re-tried. If it fails, then you are emailed again. After another three days, we will retry for a final time. If that fails then your Space is suspended, and the Space can no longer be accessed until it is unsuspended.

How do I unsuspend/unlock my suspended space?
You go to the "billing" page and enter valid credit card details. You can then click the button to pay the outstanding balance and it will automatically unsuspend the Space.


How is invoice calculated?
At the end of the month, the invoice is calculated on a daily basis for all editors and the "Config Manager for Salesforce" licenses (if you have that enabled).

What happens if we downgrade a space?
When a Space is downgraded, an invoice is generated and the card is charged immediately for the days used. The invoice is calculated based on the licenses for the days activated.

Can we pay against an invoice instead of using a card?

If you contact, we can arrange to set a Space to Pro immediately subject to a written Purchase Order. You will still need to enter a valid credit card to enable the Space to be upgraded and you will still need to get one of your Space Admins to upgrade the space. We can set the billing to be manual via annual invoice in place of the automated billing detailed in this article. Payment against invoice is based on annual licensing in advance.

If you require more licences during the year, we will calculate the remaining days until your billing anniversary and charge pro-rata based on $2 per day of your billing year remaining. This charge is notified by separate invoice at the end of the month, in which the additional editor rights are allocated on the Space.  You should arrange to budget and raise a PO against the following year’s requirements no later than 30 days prior to the billing anniversary date, including any additional editor licences you may have added during the year. We will inform you of the current levels no less than 90 days prior to this date on an annual basis to assist with the administration of your space.

What happens if I switch editors to viewers?
If you switch only part of the total number of editors to viewers, then your invoice at the end of the month is calculated based on the days that those users had editor rights for. If you took rights from one user and applied to another, the cost will be as if one user carried on continuously, except where both users overlap for any given days since edit rights are calculated at $2.50 per day, not over the month. If you try to remove all editor rights, you will be unable to remove all, as at least one user must remain an Admin on the space and by default you have to have edit rights to be an admin on a Pro Space. If you want to remove all paid edit rights, simply downgrade the Space. When the Space is downgraded, an invoice is generated and the card is charged immediately for only those days used. The invoice shows the calculation based on the licenses for the days activated.

How are Integration with Salesforce costs calculated?
You simply need to work out how many editor licences you want for users with Salesforce Admin rights in the Salesforce Org that is connected to the Space. The minimum is one, usually two-five, based on the admins involved in managing the Org. There is no hard rule, as many Orgs have a number of devs or contractors who may or may not require edit access to Elements and the Salesforce Config Manager capability. So, we leave it to you to decide what you need and what is valuable.

What happens if we disable Integration with Salesforce?
If you have enabled the Salesforce Config Manager you will only be billed for the number of days used on the invoice at end of month. However, the Reference Model which is synced with your Salesforce configuration data WILL BE DELETED. Yes – deleted. So make sure that this is a conscious decision, since we will not be holding, archiving, or simply switching off visibility to your Config Manager data. All of your Process Data (i.e. map content) will, however, continue to be available in the Free space.

What happens if we add a new Salesforce Admin mid-month?
As with normal editors, the ‘editor users’ for Salesforce Config Manager are simply normal Elements Catalyst users who are given "editor" rights in the Space Management app under "users". As such, the billing is as for any other user getting edit rights.

How do I get an invoice?
Invoices are viewed and downloaded in the Space Management app. Select "billing" on the left menu and the "PAYMENT HISTORY" tab.

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