You can upgrade your space to PRO to unlock more functionality. On a PRO plan you only pay for the Editor licenses (i.e. users who can create and manage content) but all viewers remain free. You can keep adding pro licenses to your space. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Article outline:

  • PRO payment: monthly by card or annually by invoice 

  • How to upgrade a space to PRO Card 

  • Bill calculation: credit cards

  • How to change a card

  • How to downgrade a space to FREE

PRO Payment

Pro Spaces are billed either:

  • monthly in arrears on a credit card. The billing management is fully automated and invoices are available on demand in the Space Management area of the Elements Catalyst app. See our FAQs to learn more about billing; or 

  • annually in advance by invoice. Contact to discuss requirements.  We just need the name of the Space you want to upgrade, the number of editor licenses you wish to purchase, and your company details. We then set up the billing for your Space and send you a quote. You then send us a PO or accept the quote online and, on receipt, your Pro Space is live.

How to upgrade a space to PRO card

You need to have a billing manager permission on a Space to be able to upgrade it to PRO via a credit card. Select the Space you want in the Space list (as shown on the image below), then click the "Manage space" button in the right panel (or click on the underlined space name next to "Current space" at top of screen).

You can also trial out our PRO capability for 14 days. Click here to learn more.

Select the "billing" section and enter your credit card details, and hit SAVE NEW CARD. Once the card has been validated, you can click the UPGRADE TO PRO button on the top bar to upgrade the Space. 

You only pay for the Editors in that Pro Space. As part of the upgrade process, Elements Catalyst will tell you how many editors you currently have in the space. You may wish to add or remove edit rights from people. Check out the FAQ article for additional tips. 

Bill calculation: credit cards

The cost of Pro editors is calculated on a daily basis – $2.50/day per Editor – and billed at the end of the month to the credit card stored with the Space. If you add an editor near the end of the month, you pay for just those few days. You want a Pro Space for a 3 month project? No problem. If it lasts for 107 days, you pay for 107 days…

If you switch the same editor off and on again during a 30 day period, they will be billed as if they had not been switched off. Any "off time" of 30 days or less between editing is automatically billed as "on".

You want to drive a project with 10 editors for a month and then reduce the editing team to five people (three of who are new) to maintain the content? No problem. Or you want to start with five editors, and gradually expand the use over time as more areas of your business get involved? Again, no problem. If you use the credit card route, the automated billing takes care of the administration of who had edit rights on the Pro Space for which days in any given month.

Changing card details

To change your card details, click on the card. It will ask if you want to clear all address data or just the card data. A valid card must be entered to be able to leave the screen. To cancel, just select another screen.

How to downgrade from PRO to FREE

Select the "billing" screen again and click the DOWNGRADE TO FREE button on the top bar. If you are paying by credit card, you will be invoiced immediately for the editors used so far calculated on a daily basis. If you have paid annually in advance, you will not be invoiced, but at the anniversary of your Pro Space, you will not be invoiced for a renewal.

You will no longer have access to the Pro features. The Ref Models and Salesforce Org Models you have created will be DELETED AND CANNOT BE RECOVERED.

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