To display diagrams inside a standard or custom object the managed package  integration must been installed into a Production Org, the Org has been connected to a Space in Elements Catalyst (Free or Pro) and user provisioning has been setup so that Salesforce users have a user account in Elements.

Elements Settings | Objects Tab

This tab is used to configure the Elements diagram that is added to a Salesforce Object’s details page. You can choose a different diagram for each Object Record Type.

Assign Elements diagrams to Salesforce Objects

This is where you define which Elements diagram that is displayed in a collapsible panel on the details page of the Salesforce Object.  The panel is a VisualForce page that is added to the details page of the object.

For each object or object-record type, enter the diagram ID that you get from the URL of the diagram in the Elements Diagram Editor or the DETAILS tab in the right panel.   E.g.

Click ‘Save’.

Generate VisualForce Page for each Object

For each object where a diagram ID has been specified a Visualforce page needs to be generated so that it can be added to the details page for the object.

For each object, select the object from the dropdown.  Copy the code that is displayed. Click the ‘Create New VF Page’ button

The Visualforce page editor will be shown.  Paste the copied code into the editor, replacing what is there.  Give the page a name and click Save.

Make sure that this page is accessible for the different users’ profiles.

Add the VisualForce page to the Object details page

If the page is a standard object click the ‘Modify Layout’ button.  If the page is for a custom object then select the page layout using the normal customization steps.

Go to the layout and select the page.  Go to the Visualforce Pages items and add a new section (1 column).  Given the section a suitable name such as ‘Process’.  

Add the Visualforce page you created to the section. Set the Properties for the new section to have an 600px height.  Click ‘Save’.

You have now added a dropdown panel in an object and an Elements diagram is shown in the panel.

Change security setting of the VisualForce page

Go to the VisualForce Page listing.

For each Elements Visualforce page you have just created, click Security and add the Profiles that need access.

Setting access rights

The users need to have access to the process diagram.  Set the access rights in Elements. Go to the maps list and in the SHARE tab in the right panel either select "All users can view map" or give individual users view rights.

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