Deliver Digital Transformation

Companies are reinventing themselves to take advantage of the technology in the hands of their customers, partners, and employees. If they don’t, new well-funded start-ups will unseat the incumbents. Back in 2011, Mark Andreessen summarized the current phenomenon with a simple phrase: “software is eating the world”. Andreessen argued that every business in every industry would feel disruption from technology, and the new entrants to the market would have a lasting effect. This was more than a bubble or a blip: “we believe that many of the prominent new Internet companies are building real, high-growth, high-margin, highly defensible businesses”.

For new disruptive companies to be successful, they need to be lean. There’s less and less margin to work with, so profit comes from scale and a light touch. A company can’t afford to have expensive sales, support, and consulting staff helping to sell and onboard new customers, and then teach them to be effective using the app. It also means that the company needs to focus on its own operations and aim for process excellence; a great UX; integration of customer-facing apps; and the back office, insightful metrics, and tools to support a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Elements Process Knowledge can play a critical role in helping teams redesign (reimagine) the business operation, define the supporting applications, and get everyone on the same page.

Software is eating the world, and Elements makes sure it doesn’t get heartburn.

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