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Updates: Release note highlights Q2 2021
Updates: Release note highlights Q2 2021

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Late June 2021

Release Highlights:

    • We can now sync configuration records and their template records in the Org model. We can fetch up to 1000 configuration records for each object.

    • We have also added Lightning Web Components to the Org model. This does not include private LWCs from managed packages.


  • Optimize tab: You can now find the "Optimize" tab in the right-hand panel for Custom Metadata Types and Platform Events.

Additionally, we now no longer support the creation of dependency trees in Pro trials anymore. This is now only supported in Enterprise and Enterprise trials. You can contact us at to learn more about trialling this feature or upgrading to Enterprise.

Mid May 2021

Release Highlights:

  • New metadata: We have added platform events and custom metadata to the Org model.


  • Flow dependencies: We have removed a limit where previously you could only view the first 20 dependencies for email alerts and flows. In relation to this, we have also fixed an issue where the "open full list" button wasn't working correctly.


  • Select and copy rich text notes: We have fixed a temporary issue where text could not be selected and copied in view mode.

Mid April 2021

Release Highlights:

  • Org model: Territory Objects have been added to the Standard Object list in the Org model.


  • Autosave rich text notes: An issue where autosave sometimes failed on rich text notes has been fixed.

  • Image attachment failure: Images should now attach successfully to items without error.

  • "Where used" lists showing empty: We have fixed a bug where the "where used" list was showing empty or incomplete dependencies. These should now display the correct data.

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