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Updates: Release note highlights Q1 2021
Updates: Release note highlights Q1 2021

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Late February 2021:

Release Highlights:

  • New dependencies: We now support the visibility of references for:

    • flows referenced in other flows,

    • process builders referenced in flows

    • record types referenced in flows,

    • record types referenced in process builders,

    • record types referenced in reports,

    • email alerts referenced in flows,

    • email alerts referenced in process builders,

    • email alerts referenced reports,

  • New metadata: We have added email alerts to the Org model.


  • Last created/modified date: Objects in the Org model now display the "last created" and "last modified" date in the details tab.

  • View metadata in Release app: There is now a 4th tab that displays all the Org model nodes linked to stories in the scope of your release. From here you can run a report called "List of impacted metadata". Any conflicts where nodes are linked to more than one story are identified by orange warning signs (more than one story in the same release) and red warning signs (more than one release).


  • Incorrect release component counts: An issue has been fixed where the number of components in a release differed between the main release app and from within a release.

Late January 2021:

Release Highlights:

  • Assign risk level to stories: You can now assign a risk level to stories according to their complexity and impact. There are 4 possible states: Unassessed (default value)/Low/Medium/High. This overall risk assessment can also be seen in the stories list/grid view.

  • Mark metadata when you link it to a story: When you create a link between a story and an org model node you can now mark that metadata as one of 3 options according to the planned outcome of the story: Create, Update, or Delete. You can change this state at any time.

  • Paste story links directly into the dependency tree: When you copy a story link, you can now select a node in the dependency tree and paste the story onto it. From here you assign a story outcome and leave a description for the link.

  • Assign requirements and stories to users: You can now assign a requirement or story to a specific user who will be responsible for implementing it. In the grid, this information is shown as an icon of the user's avatar image.

  • Add story from requirements right-hand panel: You can now add new stories from the requirements right-hand panel in the Release app.


  • Changes: We have made some minor updates to the user interface/right-hand panel so that it is consistent across the changes app. The "add new" button is back on the right-hand side of the toolbar. "Edit" and "Change status" are now two separate options in the menu.

  • All new requirements and stories have "Initial" status: These will appear under the "Initial" tab in the grid so you can easily find all new requirements/stories waiting for approval. Once this status is changed they will appear under the "Active" or "Closed" tab depending on the status. Additionally, we have improved the colour schemes for these statuses to bright, block colours for a better, more vibrant requirements experience!


  • Incorrect release numbers: An issue where automatically assigned release numbers were not updating correctly has now been fixed.

  • API search: We have fixed a temporary issue where the API search function in the org model wasn't working.

  • Elements reference URLs in JIRA: URLs for closed stories in JIRA now redirect you to the correct page in Elements, rather than the Active stories tab.

  • Org analytics filters: An issue with the filters in Org analytics not working has been fixed.

  • Reference model search: Now works in both the main Ref Model app and from within a Ref model.

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