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Updates: Release note highlights Q4 2020
Updates: Release note highlights Q4 2020

The list of recent product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Late December 2020:

Release highlights:

  • Releases: You can now see a list of assigned stories and requirements in the Release app. When you publish a release, all related stories and requirements that are ready for release are automatically moved to closed state. You can choose the type of release as Major, Minor or Patch, and the risk as High, Medium or Low.

  • Org model: You can now search for nodes in the Org model by API name as well as label.

Mid-September 2020:

Release highlights:

  • JIRA import: You can now import your JIRA user stories directly into Elements, establishing a link between Elements & JIRA stories in the process.

  • Help & feedback on Salesforce dynamic forms: Version 1.18.0 of the Elements Chrome Extension supports in-app help & feedback access on Salesforce's dynamic forms that were released in Summer 20' release.



  • Login loop on embedded Elements iframes: We fixed an issue reported on Firefox & Chrome browsers where users could not log in to Elements through iframes / content embedded in other apps. This was caused by a security setting in those browsers.

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