Stories in Elements can be moved automatically into Copado using Jira as the intermediary system. Using the Elements/Jira integration and the Copado/Jira integration Stories in Elements can be moved into Copado and kept up to date.

Article outline:

  • Prepare the Governance Org

  • Elements/JIRA integration

  • JIRA/Copado integration

  • Additional steps

Prepare the Governance Org

In the Copado Governance Org add 2 new custom fields to the User Story object:

  • Label: Elements Story URL, API name: Elements_Story_URL__c, Type: text, length: 80. Do not add this field to the Page layout.

  • Label: View in Elements, API name: View_In_Elements__c, Type:formula (text), Formula : HYPERLINK( Elements_Story_URL__c , "Elements Story"). Add this field to the Story page layout. This field allows a user to click and open the story directly in the Elements application.

Elements / JIRA integration

Set up the integration between Elements & JIRA. Read this article to learn how.

JIRA/Copado integration

Set up the Copado/Jira implementation and map the Elements Reference field in Jira to the Elements Story URL (1st custom field listed above) on the Copado Story Object. See this article.

Additional steps

The steps outlined above will create a linkage between the user stories in the 3 systems. However, in order to display the Elements insights natively inside Copado, you will have to implement these additional steps.

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