Late July 2020:

Release highlights:

  • On-demand, in-browser diagram help: Using the Elements Catalyst Chrome Extension you can now make all your process diagrams easily available to your end-users. The extension allows users to search for and pop up specific process diagrams on any webpage or website.
  • Diagram adoption metrics: You can now see how many times each one of your published diagrams has been viewed and what is the user rating on each one.


  • Inviting users to maps by groups: We heard your feedback and we now support setting access rights to maps for entire user groups. You no longer have to invite each user individually - you can ensure appropriate audiences can access only relevant content.


  • Diagram rendering issue: Some customers who have embedded diagrams in Salesforce or Confluence pages have reported their content not displaying correctly at first load. We have now fixed the underlying issue.
  • Activity/flowline relative position change: We fixed the issue with activity boxes and flowlines changing their relative position on the canvas.
  • Missing SF help purple "i": Help icon was not being inserted for fields on a Salesforce record page that did not have a tab. This has now been fixed.
  • Special characters not exporting into a report: Some customers reported that exporting data with special symbols resulted in distorted results. We now fixed this problem.

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