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Updates: Release note highlights Q1 2020
Updates: Release note highlights Q1 2020

The list of product updates, developed features and changes to the software by quarter

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Early March 2020:

Release highlights:

  • Metadata dependency trees: We introduced a new powerful enhancement to our Salesforce Org Model insights. On selected metadata types, you can now generate dependency trees which visualize metadata dependencies (what will break or stop working if the metadata is deleted or significantly altered). 

Late February 2020:

Release highlights:

New process application interface: Based on your feedback and studied use-cases we released a completely revamped process application interface. 

  • 3 distinct access views: There are now 3 access rights on a diagram: editor (who can see and do everything), explicit viewer a.k.a. "stakeholder" (who can run reports, inspect the version history and planned change request), and space viewer (who is restricted to just the core process & supporting documentation). 

  • New theme options: You can now customise what the activity information should look like to make it as intuitive as you want. Don't like the paperclip? Make it a question mark, an info icon, or a share icon. You can change the icon colour and background as well. On top of that, you can now set a different font colour, type and style per each resource type. 

  • Overwrite the "home" diagram for embedded processes: Whether you are embedding processes inside Salesforce or in other external sources (Sharepoint, Confluence, Intranet etc.) you can now make sure that when the end users click "home" in the toolbar they will always return to the embedded diagram and not end up on the top level of the process hierarchy or in the main application.

  • Access documentation straight from the activity: In the default view mode of the diagram all standard attachments can be accessed via the dropdown menu of the activity by clicking on the paperclip icon (rather than requiring to open them from the right panel like before). 

Enhanced Org model field analysis. We enhanced our field % population analysis to help you better understand the usage and impact of various fields and record types.

  • Extend field % population analysis to last 50 million records: You now have more options with regards to extending field % population sample. You can extend it to fetch the last 100k, 1 million or "All records" (last 50 million updated records). 

  • Field usage compound report: We combined the field usage and field % population reports into one to allow you to analyse all the data about the fields collectively. On top of that, we extended the field % population insights and you can now review the report with % broken down for all fields per each record type. 


  • Full screen mode for the process application: You can now trigger a full-screen mode from the toolbar for both view and edit modes in the process application. The full screen mode also works for processed embedded in external applications.

  • Contextual help and shortcuts in the process application: Click on the "?" icon in the process application to see useful tips and shortcuts. As you change between view and edit modes the available information will change as well. 

  • Feedback available in embedded process diagrams: We listened to your requests and the end users can now leave feedback on process diagrams embedded in external applications. 

  • Training tasks available in embedded process diagrams: If your Space has training records functionality enabled, the end users will be able to see, open and execute their training tasks even on processes embedded in external applications.

  • Remove all "not synced" nodes at once: You can now delete all "not synced" nodes from your Org model tree if you wish to clear all deleted metadata from your data dictionary. 


  • Issues with the process application toolbar in Safari browser: We fixed an issue that made the toolbar in the Safari browser invisible when trying to expand it. 

Late January 2020:

Release highlights:

  • Restrict self-registration with corporate domains: Corporate admins can now restrict self-registration of users from corporate domains to the application. If the policy is turned on, every self-registration will have to be approved by the Corporate Admin.


  • Org Model status changes: We listened to your feedback and we changed the org model status changes to better reflect the actual state of your metadata. We also extended the "Changes to your Org Model" email update with a quick explanation of what different states mean and what action might be advisable. 

  • Changing account email address: Users can now update their account email addresses (unless those accounts belong to a managed corporate domain).

  • Re-sending the account verification email:  Users who lost their verification email after registration can now easily get it back from the login page by just providing their email address and clicking next. 


  • Data duplication auto-fix: We released a mechanism that automatically cleans-up any accidental data duplicates that may result from a very poor network connection.

  • Disappearing resource field on a change grid : We fixed a bug that reset the "As a..." field on stories to null after switching rows in the grid. 

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