Your Partner ID drives referral activity

Your Partner ID looks like this: FG3877.  

The Partner ID is used to track and reward referrals. It is associated with a user profile, and also a Space. If a new user is invited to a Space, when they register, the Partner ID is associated with their user’s profile. If that user then creates new Spaces, your Partner ID is now associated with these Spaces.  New users are then invited to those Spaces. Your Partner ID is now associated with all of these new user's profiles when then register.

If any of the Spaces with your Partner ID are upgraded, whether you were directly involved or not, the referral % will apply to all revenue generated for the time your Partner ID is associated with that Space. If a new partner takes over a Space in the future and changes the Partner ID to theirs, any revenue generated while your Partner ID was associated with it, will still be due to you. 

This is for the lifetime of that customer. Why? Well you have the relationships and the ability to do a great job that results in a happy customer who values Elements. The more they value it, the more they are likely to upgrade, use and maintain the content for as long as they benefit from the Salesforce platform.

Add your Partner ID to the Space.

If you have put your Partner ID into your Profile (accessed from user initials or picture in top right of screen), then any Space you just create will already be associated with your Partner ID. It is important to know how to do this manually - and how to check it, since all referral income is tracked against the Partner ID on a Space.

  • Go to the Space Management page - by clicking Manage in the right panel for the Space
  • In Space Management you should be on Details and in the top bar select the PARTNERS tab.
  • Enter your Partner ID

Invite your consultants and associates to the Space

This will do 3 things.

  • it will give them an Elements user login.  Their username is their email address
  • it will give them access to the Space
  • It will associate your Partner ID with their user profile, so it will be automatically associated with any new Spaces they create for their clients.

If some of your team already have Element Catalyst usernames you will need to manually add your Partner ID to their profiles.

  • Get them to login into
  • Select their user profile page by clicking on the profile in the top right-hand corner of the screen. (see screenshot above)
  • Add a Partner ID
  • Get them to add a picture while they're there :)

Important: Create a single email address/username for installing Elements in each client Salesforce Org

For each new client you will have a new Pro Space which is dedicated to them.  You can connect multiple Production and Sandbox Orgs to this Space.  To connect, you install a small free managed package into the Org from the AppExchange

When you run Elements Catalyst QuickStart it will automatically create a new Elements Space for that client and add a new user (if they do not already exist) to Elements. The username is the email address associated with the Salesforce user who installed the managed package and ran Quick Start.

We recommend that you create single Elements Catalyst user  e.g. (remember username is an email address) that is used to run all the QuickStarts for every client.  The Salesforce username can be anything, but the email address needs to be  That way that Elements Catalyst user will be the Space Admin for all client Spaces and the Partner ID is on the client Space. 

That Elements Catalyst user can then invite the consultants and clients to the client Space that was created.

This will massively reduce the administrative load and ensure that the Partner ID gets propagated correctly.

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