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Registering a joint Partner Opportunity with Elements
Registering a joint Partner Opportunity with Elements

This replaces "Adding your Partner ID to Spaces to track referral fees"

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As an Elements Partner - You need to provide the Customer and the Opportunity details

Please email with the name of the client you would like to register an opportunity for. We will need the name of the client, the email domain to track account and users - e.g. if "The Home Depot" we need "" which we use as the account name.

Please provide specifics; e.g.the project, key people at the client with roles and relationships to the opportunity and if known, the Elements Space the opportunity relates to. It would really help us to support you and the client if we understand the use case, the business outcomes the client is looking to achieve and some understanding of the timeframes and priority of the opportunity.

For example, if you know this is a "speculative use of Elements in a situation where I don't really understand what the client needs from Elements, but I'm sure we can add value with it" - that's fine, but say so.

Compared with; "XYZ inc are drowning in Technical debt while trying to consolidate 2 orgs, drive a major transformation and we have shown how using Elements with their target Org Sync'd is providing a roadmap and mechanism to prioritize and deal with relevant tech debt, and giving them a documentation hub to link existing documentation to. They also want to import and sync stories from Jira and use Elements to add Impact analysis into their development lifecycle and prevent the wasted development time...." - need I say more?

The more we know, the more we can support, add our experience and prioritize what you are doing against the huge amount of activity out there today.

For this reason, we also have two states of involvement. Referred by, and engaged with.

For Registered Partners it makes no difference, you can only access 10% referral fees. But if you engaging with us and expect to do so with other clients, you may want to invest in Consulting Licences and talk to us about becoming an Elements Consulting Partner.

Consulting Partners can access 10% referral fees, by registering an opportunity as above. However, if you are proactively engaged with us in developing and drivng an Opportunity over time - and within 60 days of the opportunity closing, we are happy to invest 25% of the net-new revenue on that client in our relationship. The closer we work with our partners and clients, the more value we deliver. The stronger the ROI and better the use of Elements, the higher the revenue. So we are happy to pay 25% on net new revenue where the Partner is engaged and helping us position for and deliver more value.

Partner IDs - Applied to partners who joined prior to 2021

Your Partner ID looks like this: FG3877.  Why were they there? Since we launched in 2016, we allowed Partner IDs to be associated with specific users and spaces. This allowed us to track how word of mouth spread and how recommendations and people moving between projects and companies spread the benefits of using Elements. Despite the interesting data, it proved to be unreliable as a mechanism for tracking who was actually currently in a client, using Elements effectively and driving value for the client from that use.

The Partner ID can (still) be associated with a user profile, and also a Space. If a new user is invited to a Space, when they register, the Partner ID is associated with their user’s profile. If that user then creates new Spaces, your Partner ID is now associated with these Spaces.  New users are then invited to those Spaces. Your Partner ID is now associated with all of these new user's profiles when they register.

Add your Partner ID to the Space.

If you have put your Partner ID into your Profile (accessed from user initials or picture in top right of screen), then any Space you just create will already be associated with your Partner ID. It is important to know how to do this manually - and how to check it, since all referral income is tracked against the Partner ID on a Space.

  • Go to the Space Management page - by clicking Manage in the right panel for the Space

  • In Space Management you should be on Details and in the top bar select the PARTNERS tab.

  • Enter your Partner ID

Invite your consultants and associates to the Space

This will do 3 things.

  • it will give them an Elements user login.  Their username is their email address

  • it will give them access to the Space

  • It will associate your Partner ID with their user profile, so it will be automatically associated with any new Spaces they create for their clients.

If some of your team already have Element Catalyst usernames you will need to manually add your Partner ID to their profiles.

  • Get them to login into

  • Select their user profile page by clicking on the profile in the top right-hand corner of the screen. (see screenshot above)

  • Add a Partner ID

  • Get them to add a picture while they're there :)

Important: Create a single email address/username for installing Elements in each client Salesforce Org

For each new client you will have a new Pro Space which is dedicated to them.  You can connect multiple Production and Sandbox Orgs to this Space.  To connect, you install a small free managed package into the Org from the AppExchange

When you run Elements Catalyst QuickStart it will automatically create a new Elements Space for that client and add a new user (if they do not already exist) to Elements. The username is the email address associated with the Salesforce user who installed the managed package and ran Quick Start.

We recommend that you create single Elements Catalyst user  e.g. (remember username is an email address) that is used to run all the QuickStarts for every client.  The Salesforce username can be anything, but the email address needs to be  That way that Elements Catalyst user will be the Space Admin for all client Spaces and the Partner ID is on the client Space. 

That Elements Catalyst user can then invite the consultants and clients to the client Space that was created.

This will massively reduce the administrative load and ensure that the Partner ID gets propagated correctly.

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