This release note is just a preview and should be treated as an aspirational goal by the product team. Features described here are not guaranteed to be made available within any particular time frame or at all.

In the 3rd quarter of 2020 we want to focus on strengthening 3 core value propositions of our product:

User adoption

  • In-browser, on-demand end-user help: Using our chrome extension users can embed end-user help (rich text documents, website and doc links, process diagrams) inside Salesforce on particular record pages. We plan to take this proposition to the next level and retrofit our browser extension to allow users to search for and pop up relevant help on any website or in any web app! We will start by allowing users to search for process diagrams and will keep improving this feature based on your feedback and requests.

Salesforce clean-up & metadata dependency mapping

We are committed to building the best, most precise and robust metadata clean-up and analysis tool. We made significant progress with the recently released dependency trees and field population & usage insights. But there are more things to come:

  • Record types dependencies: We will work on supporting record type dependencies by listing metadata that reference record type IDs, labels or API names.
  • Flows on flows dependencies: To aid users in their declarative work, we will expose flows <-> flows dependencies in our dependency trees.
  • Page layout assignments: We will expose which profiles are assigned to page layouts and whether they contain any active users so that you can identify unused or low impact page layouts much quicker!
  • Email alerts dependencies: We will work on exposing email alerts dependencies, including where they are used in code, process builder workflows, or flows.
  • Queues dependencies: We will work on exposing queue dependencies, including where they are used in assignment rules, workflow rules or process builders. We will also show which users are assigned to queues.
  • Roles dependencies: We will show where are roles references in other metadata.
  • Profiles dependencies: We will work on exposing profile dependencies, specifically where they are referenced in code, workflows, formulas, validation rules, process builder, or other fields. 
  • Ownbackup integration: Ownbackup is the industry leader in data & metadata backups for Salesforce customers. We are working on an integration with them to help users gain even deeper insights into how their Org is being used.

Business analysis

  • Proposed metadata nodes: We are going to enrich our Salesforce Org Models with "proposed" metadata nodes.You will be able to document metadata that you plan to add, and also document things as soon as they are created in your Sandboxes and Dev Orgs.
  • JIRA integration: We plan to roll out a series of improvements to our JIRA integration. By the end of Q3 we want you to be able to import stories from JIRA, allow two-way updates and display any Elements story documentation (like linked processes or ERDs) inside JIRA using our chrome extension. 
  • Copado integration: We plan to support integration with the leading Salesforce DevOps solution. The planned integration will focus on user stories and allow Copado users to access story documentation, impact analysis & metadata dependencies all within Copado.


  • Open requirements/stories inside the process application: You will be able to open the modal windows for requirements and stories inside the process application. This will allow you to inspect all fields and edit them without the need to navigate to another application.
  • Space admin ownership: We found out that our default access permissions are a bit too strict and too confusing for some users so we will move to making all content in the Space automatically visible and accessible to Space Admins.
  • UI improvements to the main app: We plan to roll out a few interface changes to the main application, most notably a new space-selector and access icon for space management to help users get to desired content more quickly. 


  • Flowline behavior: We have received reports of process flowlines sometimes misbehaving. We plan to address this and make sure they continue to work intuitively and cause no further irritation. 

If you have any questions about the planned functionality reach out to us. Again, this is just the plan and the actual list of features may change. 


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