This release note is just a preview and should be treated as an aspirational goal by the product team. Features described here are not guaranteed to be made available within any particular time frame or at all.

This release note covers our plans for the Mid-September and the Mid-October releases. There are a lot of changes planned due to new regulations, changed pricing model for Elements Catalyst and aimed to further enhance our Salesforce clean-up, user adoption and change management propositions.  


  • New powerful Salesforce sync: We spent almost a year refactoring our sync architecture to make the Salesforce syncs much faster, much more error free and more robust. We are pleased to announce that we are very close to completing this project and initial tests have shown the syncs to be even 3-4 times faster. 
  • New metadata items and relationships in the Org model: While the exact list of all the new metadata types we plan to add to our Org model is still being discussed, you can be sure that we will start expanding the org models very soon.
  • Multi-space consultant licenses: We are releasing a new type of license for consultants who become Elements partners : the multi-space, single editor license that allows consultants to join any PRO space in the system as an editor without needing a separate license and to set up unlimited PRO spaces for their clients to work on projects. All of this for just $500 a year per consultant. Reach out to to learn more. 
  • Salesforce connection licenses: Based on market feedback, to accomodate servicing costs for larger organisations, and to make sure that organisations that adopt Elements across their many business units are not charged disproportionately more for growing usage of Salesforce connections, we will soon release a new type of license. The Salesforce connection licenses are already part of our new pricing model and since the 1st of September and they cost $1000 a year and allow to connect 1 production Org and up to 5 associated sandboxes. 
  • Feedback grid: In order to make the management of end user feedback across different maps and org models easier and to allow users to support the full change request lifecycle we are going to release the new feedback grid. It will allow to sort, search and filter all feedback comments in a space and to link feedback to existing or new requirements and stories.
  • Antivirus scanning on spaces belonging to corporate management: Clients who require stronger content and user security will soon also benefit from automatic antivirus scanning for all uploaded documents that belong to company's corporate management.
  • Strong customer authentication in compliance with PSD2 regulation: In accordance with the European Union's Payment Service Directive we are enhancing our customer identification to make online payments more secure. 


  • Improved stripped version of the diagram editor: After talking with multiple users who embed process diagrams in either Salesforce or other systems we decided to improve the stripped version of the diagram editor. It will be easier to understand one's location in the map, to navigate between processes, and to leave feedback on any diagram. 
  • 2-line display for resources: Another feature that was widely requested by many process users. Resources that have long names will be broken down into 2 lines on activities to make the display more informative. 
  • Activity number swap: We plan to get rid of a major irritation for many of our users around renumbering process activities. No longer will they see "Number X is already in use" message on their screens. 


  • Flowline behaviour: We will fix a couple of reported issues around flowline editing and display in the diagram editor. 

If you have any questions about the planned functionality reach out to us. Again, this is just the plan and the actual list of features may change. 


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