What is a data table?

Think of a data table as a set of fields on a form, and you can use that form to collect data on any node in the Org Model. That data can then be reported on.

The access rights:

  • Editors can be given rights to create and edit Data Table forms.

  • Any Editor can add a Data Table to any Org Model node.  

  • Any Editor or Viewer can add data to a Data Table

A data table is defined for a Space and is then available to be attached to any Org Model node, process step, requirement or user story. 

Create a Data Table

Data Table Managers can create and edit data table forms. Click here to see how to give an Editor ‘Data Table Manager’ rights.

To create or edit a data table form go your Space list. From there, select "Manage Space" in the right hand panel.

Once you are in Space Management you can select "Data Tables" in the left panel. Click on New Data Table to create a new one, or select an existing data table from the list and click on Switch to Edit Mode.

If you have chosen to create a new data table you will be prompted to enter a name and description.

Define the fields in the data table by dragging and dropping fields onto the form. The form is what end-users use to add data. Fields can be text, dropdowns, numbers, etc.

Edit headings, fields, and data table names in the right panel. Note: to save your changes you must click anywhere in the right panel BEFORE you select your next data table item to edit, or your changes will be discarded.

Here is an example of a Data Table for tracking Lightning Experience effort. 

Adding data tables to Org Model node

For any node in an Org Model go to the DOCUMENTATION tab and select Add documentation and Data Table.  Then select the Data Table. You can add any Data Table to any number of Org Model nodes.

Populating data tables with records

Now any Editor or View that has access to the Org Model can add data. 

You can see how many records are in a data table for that particular node by the small blue circle.  Click on the data table to open up the form to see the data or add more data.

Reporting on Data Tables across a map

You aggregate integration data by running the data table report for the Org Model. You can sort, filter, group and export.
 See reporting for more detail.

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