Learning Objectives

 After completing this unit, you’ll understand:

  • How the Elements environment should be configured

  • How the Partner ID tracks referrals

  • Setting up new consultants as Elements Catalyst users

Setting up your Elements Space

Your Primary Partner representative has an Elements user login - which is the email they registered with.  They needed that to register for the partner program. They will also have received an Elements Partner Program welcome email

When you join the Partner program you get unlimited use of an Elements Catalyst Enterprise Space for your internal operational use and for demonstrating to clients. 

The first job is to create a Space which will be your internal operations Space.  

A quick summary on the principles of Spaces 

  • A Space is secure, ring-fenced work area. Think of it as an "implementation of Elements Catalyst"

  • DO NOT think of Spaces as folders. A corporate will probably only have ONE Space. A consulting firm will have one Space for internal operations and a separate one for every client.

  • You can invite users to Spaces. They can then only see what is in that Space - provided they have been given view or edit rights. Every user in a Space can see the other users.

  • An Elements user can be a member of multiple Spaces. One login - multiple Spaces.

  • Whoever sets up the Space is the Admin. But you can assign admin rights to multiple people and Admin rights can be transferred by assigning admin rights to another, who then removes yours. So a Space could be set up by a consultant and then transferred to the client at the end of the project. 

  • Finally, a user needs a separate licence for each Space they are an Editor in. 

  • A Space can be Free, Pro, Enterprise or Trial. See consulting Licence article for special rights if your organisation has purchased Consulting Licences.

Create a new Space

Log into Elements using your email address as username.
Navigate to the Elements.cloud Spaces page.  
Create a new Space (Blue "NEW SPACE" button in top bar)

You need to register an Opportunity with us to track referral revenue

The Partner ID is used to track and reward referrals. It is associated with a user profile, and also a Space. If a new user is invited to a Space, when they register, the Partner ID is associated with their user’s profile. If that user then creates new Spaces, your Partner ID is now associated with these Spaces.  New users are then invited to those Spaces. Your Partner ID is now associated with all of these new user's profiles when then register.

Add your Partner ID to the Space you have just created.

If you have put your Partner ID into your Profile (accessed from user initials or picture in top right of screen), then the Space you just created will already be associated with your Partner ID. It is important to know how to do this manually - and how to check it, since all referral income is tracked against the Partner ID on a Space.

To check this out;

  • Go to the Space Management page - by clicking Manage in the right panel for the Space

  • In Space Management you should be on Details and in the top bar select the PARTNERS tab.

  • Enter your Partner ID

Invite your consultants and associates to the Space

This will do 3 things.

  • it will give them an Elements Catalyst user login.  Their username is their email address

  • it will give them access to the Space

  • It will associate your Partner ID with their user profile, so it will be automatically associated with any new Spaces they create for their clients.

If some of your team already have Element usernames you will need to manually add your Partner ID to their profiles.

  • Get them to login into Elements.cloud

  • Select their user profile page by clicking on the profile in the top right-hand corner of the screen. (see screenshot above)

  • Add a Partner ID

  • Get them to add a picture while they're there :)

They can then invite other consultants (colleagues/3rd parties) and clients to the new client Space.

This will massively reduce the administrative load and ensure that the Partner ID gets propagated correctly.

You are all set.  

Talk to us about your specific use cases and see the "How do I use Catalyst for...?" section for a variety of use cases outside out core Salesforce focus.

Further questions contact success@elements.cloud

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