Who owns/controls a Team Space?

The person who creates a Team Space is by default the Space Admin and the Space inherits the "Primary Domain" from their email address. If they are the only admin and the primary domain is their company - then they 'own' it - and control it. Since they can setup other additional users to have Admin rights, and any of those can update the primary domain (see video below) - you can change the space owner (transfer primary domain).

Note: If the Primary Domain of the Space is one that is part of a Corporate Administered implementation of Elements Catalyst, then the "update" text will NOT appear in spaces. In this case, the IT Admin(s) are the only people who can change the primary domains on a space. They will be able to change the primary domain to that of any of the Space Admins on the space. (see Corporate Admin)

Can I change the Primary Domain for a Team Space?

Yes. On the Spaces page, select a Space and the domain can be changed in the right column. Note, the domain can only be changed by an Admin who shares the same domain as the new primary domain name.

How can I setup admin rights for someone to "take over" a space?

Assigning admin rights is set on the users page in the Space Management app. It is quite usual for a consulting or third party organization to introduce a client to Elements Catalyst as part of the work they are doing. In this case, the third party organization has often set up an initial Team Space. Over time, the client may well want to take over. In this case, they would have to nominate an Admin with an email in the client’s domain. That Admin can then go in and change the primary domain of the Team Space to that of the client. At this point, the client controls the Team Space, and whether the third party retains access to the Space and what rights they have. see above video snippet to change the primary domain.

Can the Team Space Admin come from any organization?


Is it easy to see which organization actually owns the Space?

Yes. On the Spaces page the ‘Primary domain’ is listed on the right panel. On the users page in the Space Management app you can see the other users and their roles.

Can I block users from a Team Space or Public Space?

The Admin controls which users are invited, blocked and removed from a Team Space. So if you want to remove someone's rights to a space (maybe someone has left, or a consultant/interim who has completed their contract - or someone moving to a different role - as admin you can drive that from the user tab in Space Management. In a Public Space, since users are self-inviting, the Admin can only block users.

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