Prerequisites: Watch the 10 min overview & demo video 

This short video will give you an understanding of how Catalyst works and how the various elements work together to help you clean up, document and build your Org.  Watch it if you haven't already done so.

Spaces and Orgs

Here is the important part.....

Each Salesforce Org is sync'd to a separate Elements Org Model which is all the Org meta data, analytics and documentation stores inside Elements Catalyst.

A client Space can be connected to multiple Salesforce Orgs (Production & Sandbox). We organise those Salesforce Orgs into Salesforce Implementations of  (i.e. Production and derivative sandboxes. So a Space will have multiple Org Models.

You do NOT need to create a new Space for every Org.

Space limits for Orgs: 

  • FREE: zero Orgs.  
  • PRO: 1 Prod + 4 Sandboxes (1 implementation of Salesforce)
  • ENTERPRISE: 4 Prod + 4 Sandboxes each (4 implementations)
  • UNLIMITED: ....well, unlimited implementations

A picture...  This shows how multiple Salesforce Orgs can be sync'd to Elements Spaces.

Set up Org Model sync

Create a Space for your client. 

  • Log into Elements using your email address  e.g.
  • Navigate to the Elements Catalyst Spaces page.  
  • Create a new Space (Blue "NEW SPACE" button in top bar)
  • Invite your colleagues and clients to the Space (or do this later) using the Invite to Space button in the right panel.

Connect client's Org to the Space (you repeat this for every Org you connect to a Space):

  • Install the Managed Package into the client's Salesforce Org
  • Connect to the client's Salesforce Org

The video below steps you through this. It takes only a couple of minutes, and then you kick off the sync.  This takes between 10 mins (a Dev Org) and 3 hours (a monster Org). When sync has finished, you will get an email and link to open the Org Model. Yay!! (10 mins for a Dev Org).

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