For many Orgs, tidiness might be an issue, unused objects can clutter the environment, bring a sort of uncertainty and confusion. We have a solution to this common headache - Record count for standard and custom objects is the medicine you were looking for, so now you can relax a bit and get the insight you needed really quickly and easily.

Article outline

  • Prerequisites

  • What do we report

  • Actions to take

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  • Registered and verified Elements account

  • Sync'd Salesforce Org

  • Permissions to Org Model

What do we report

We display the number of records for all objects (standard, custom and managed package objects). You can sort alphabetically by object name or by number of records. You can also filter the chart to display only a particular type of objects.

If the object is installed by a managed package then the namespace is displayed after the object name e.g. Batch Log Map. Q9.

TIP If you have custom objects with no records, are they being used? Can they be deleted?  

TIP Clicking on any bar will open the Org Model on that object, and you can easily investigate it in more detail.

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