Hand over project Space to the client

Handover ownership of Space to the client.

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We have designed Elements with consultants in mind: Spaces.

You should have created a new Space for your client project. You are probably the Space Admin and your consulting colleagues and clients have been invited into the Space as Editors or Viewers.

That means at the end of the project you can hand over the Space to the client and you can leave it.  There are 3 considerations:

  • Changing Access Rights: giving access to all content.

  • Space Admin: who is going to take over that role?

  • Billing: who is paying for the licenses?

  • Your ongoing role: are you still engaged and therefore have access to the Space?

This is all dependent on the engagement approach you have with the client.  There is a Help Topic sets out the 3 approaches for billing and engagement.

Giving / changing access rights

You need to make sure that  a client who has an Editor license has been given Manage access to all the process maps, Org Models and Ref Models. A Space Admin does automatically have access to the content in the Space.  A Space Admin controls user access.

Changing Space Admin 

The current Space Admin can go into Elements Catalyst Space Management | Users and add users and change  access rights.  Any Editor can be made a Space Admin. So you can make one of your client team into a Space Admin, provided they have an Editor license.

The client who is now the Space Admin may need to change the access rights of all the consultants as they will continue to be charged for every Editor. They can change each user's access rights to Viewer or they remove access to the Space completely.

Billing & access rights

This is based on your billing and ongoing engagement approach with the client. 

  • If the client is already paying, then there is no change apart from the number of Editors which is in the next section. 

  • If you are currently paying for the licenses you need to make sure that the client is aware of the ongoing costs.  If you are paying by credit card, then they need to change the credit card that is going to be charged.  If you pay by invoice, then you need to tell finance@elements.cloud so we can change the billing contact.

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