Multiple tabs in the browser

There are different “applications” within Catalyst. Each opens in its own tab in the browser and they each work independently:

  • Elements Catalyst Home Page: this is where you manage the major “objects”, i.e. Requirements, Processes, URL Library and Releases.

  • Space Manager: where you control the users and user groups in a Space, integrations, billing, resources, data tables and more.

  • Requirements Editor: manage requirements and user stories.

  • Diagram Editor: this is where processes capture, collaborate and communicate your process knowledge, either as an editor or viewer.

  • Release Manager: edit and publish releases.

  • Data table editor: create and maintain data table templates.

  • Reports Viewer: all reports launch into a new tab with the ability to sort, filter, and export.

There are huge benefits to this approach. You can have multiple tabs open – the Elements Catalyst Home Page, multiple different diagrams each in a Diagram Editor tab and Reporting – and flip between them. Your productivity will soar. So, the perfect excuse to go and get a huge screen, or a second one for your desk.

Don’t worry if you close the Elements Catalyst Home Page. It doesn’t close down the application. Just click on the ‘Home’ logo on the left and it will open up your Elements Catalyst Home Page.

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