The Lightning Utility Bar is a cool way to give users access to other content within an App, no matter what object they are looking at.  Here is the Salesforce Help on Utility Bar

To display diagrams inside the Utility Bar for a Lightning App the managed package integration must been installed into a Production Org, the Org has been connected to a Space in Elements (Free or Pro), and user provisioning has been setup so that Salesforce users have a user account in Elements.

A Lightning component "ElementsDiagramView" is installed with the Elements Catalyst managed package. 

In Salesforce Setup go the Lightning Experience App Manager and edit your App. In the left bar select Utility Items. Then click Add Utility Item.  Scroll down and select ElementsDiagramView.

Configure it in the right panel. 

  • Chose a cool icon.
  • Set the Panel Width and Panel Height based on the layout of your diagram
  • Select Start automatically so the diagram loads in the background when the user opens the Salesforce page
  • The DiagramID for a process diagram can be found in the DETAILS tab in the right panel of the diagram or in the URL.  For example: 5be3358ecb4a70051575979b in the URL below
  • Component height should be the same as Panel Height

Here is an example, with the content displayed in the Utility Bar.

Setting access rights

The users need to have access to the process diagram.  Set the access rights in Elements. Go to the maps list and in the SHARE tab in the right panel either select "All users can view map" or give individual users view rights.

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